Masonry, from Ancient Buildings, to Modern Design for Your Space.

There have been many iconic structures with walls of similar texture which use a form of masonry, from the Great Wall of China, Chartres Cathedral, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, even the Egyptian Pyramids just to name a few. All these structures utilize stone, or bricks in their construction, yet as time passes the infrastructure around us has definitely changed. From flat concrete walls, so full glass panes, the aesthetic of modern architecture has definitely changed.

Yet we’ve seen familiar structures in houses, outdoor sculptures, or even furniture and fixtures in some homes. It is a fact that modern architecture has not yet and will not abandon the concept of brick and stone wall, creating a throwback to older times of familiar and cozy fireplaces, to even great halls and cathedrals. But it doesn’t end there, although most roads have been replaced with pavement or concrete as they are laid down, some places outdoors still utilize the ever so familiar bricks and stones as a means of providing contrast to the somewhat uniformity of modern roads and sidewalks.

Now that one realizes the abundance of masonry around us in our modern world, what would be the purpose of using such an old means of construction?

Today’s use of masonry.

As a common sight today, Masonry is commonly seen as a visual appeal used by architects or interior designers as they design a space or structure for a home, typically a wall, steps in a flight of stairs, or as lining of a fireplace, yet it doesn’t end there. Masonry still finds use industrially in areas where structural integrity, or other properties are in great importance.

Its use in the fireplace is not only for aesthetic purposes, but is of proper material selection. Modern material science allows for bricks to be greatly heat-resistant and become great insulators of heat to allow its use in barbecues, and brick-ovens in which it has withstood the test of time as seen in some older restaurants still using their ovens to this day.

Although their structural rigidity has been a point of change as metal reinforcement has become mandatory for high-rise application, masonry still provides structural rigidity for homes, and still provide a unique contrast and texture compared to simple flat walls. From the iconic and ever so familiar red brick wall, to a more antiquated stone wall and steps, the works of masonry whether old or modern still have the appeal of being strong and cozy in some applications.

An homage to the aesthetic appeal of masonry is the fact that modern sidewalks although not all, implement an actual application of laying bricks or stone, or have concrete molds and stamps that mimic the aesthetic of bricks. Not only on sidewalks, but sometimes even walls with a limited or lackluster effect.

There is no replacement to traditional masonry, from the rigidity, texture, and even the properties which only bricks and stones provide. The work and skill to create beautiful and unique works of masonry may be daunting, but with the proper contractors and suppliers, your space or structure will carry the same appeal as great structures of old. For contractors of great skill and quality, get it done by hiring one of the best concrete and masonry contractors. Visit Lancaster concrete and masonry’s website to find out more about their rates, products and services.